From Darkless to lightless

Together, we, unite


Valentine’s day single released by ShadowHood feature Brandon Crichfield

What are the chances of me, bumped into you in the most random place, in the most random time?

Because our love for the smell and taste of lavender, here we are.

ShadowHood collaborated with singer Brandon Crichfield for this romantic song, dedicated to every couple who find their way to each other because of true love.

For those whose doesn’t love rose, here is my lavender to you.



Epic released by ShadowHood

A hero's tale, a warrior's will

Action in the wasteland, legend in the battleground, all for you to listen.

Wonder Eyes cover art.jpg

Wonder Eyes

Her magical eyes, bating my sight Mysterious single released by ShadowHood

Inspired by a pair of magical eyes, see straight through his soul. A sentimental song for Halloween.

As she looking outside through the window, her eyes met mine. A sudden connection attracted me.
I submitted my eyes to her magic, from her eyes, my own shadow reflected.
Her eyes are a pair of hollow, When you look inside, nothing escapes.

2018 Debut Single Release

2018 Debut Single Release

Lunar, Shadowhood feature. sammi Jordan

Lunar, a song inspired by Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year. Debut single of ShadowHood, featuring 19 year old singer Sammi Jordan.

When everyone gather around during the lunar new year, she looked up. Amazed by how pretty the moon is. to her, lunar is more than just a face full of “barren crater sea”.

This song subjected lunar as a woman close to her heart. At night she looked up, lunar is there waiting to be seen, everywhere she goes, lunar follows.

Up there, is where the dreams reside. Our love and memories are stored at the surface of the moon. We celebrate her centuries after centuries, waiting and cheering for her to rise from the sea.

This song is also to remind how important the moon is to our lives. There might be “heaven upon, castle above” according to the ancient Chinese fairy tale.



A Distinctive single released by ShadowHood. 

A story of the storyteller. 

An emotional piece combines the essence of Hip-hop, Classical, and EDM Music.

The storyline underneath the music is about a conscious mind with a creative soul that cannot be restricted by the standards and stereotypes of the world.
The true creation comes from the inspiration and knowledge, but not from other’s demand and expectation.