From Darkless to Lightless

Together, We, Unite



“You reach into my soul, I will look after you”

Because our love for the smell and taste of lavender, here we are.



Epic released by ShadowHood

A hero's tale, a warrior's will

Action in the wasteland, legend in the battleground, all for you to listen.


Wonder Eyes

Her magical eyes, bating my sight Mysterious single released by ShadowHood

Inspired by a pair of magical eyes, see straight through his soul. A sentimental song for Halloween.



A distinctive single released by ShadowHood

A story of the storyteller.

An emotional piece combines the essence of Hip-hop, Jazz, Neo-classical, and EDM music.


Lunar (Feat. Sammi Jordan)

Lunar, a song inspired by Lunar New Year aka Chinese New Year.

Debut single of ShadowHood, featuring 19 year old singer Sammi Jordan.